Why 6 feet?


Many stores are putting signs like these on the floor

James Wagner, staff writer

A cough can travel at up to 50 miles an hour and send hundreds of droplets of germs into the open air, while a sneeze sends out 100,000 germs at 100 miles an hour. So, why do we stay six feet away from friends?

Since a sneeze can travel up to 26 feet, at 100 miles an hour, why are we risking it at all? ‘And so-called ‘social distancing’ is only 6 feet, so they can get a lot of the sneeze even while following the rules. And maybe the CDC was not that focused on our physical health, but more focused on our mental health. Even with that calls to the national suicide hotline are up 1,000%.

Even if you feel great in quarantine, try seeing your friends. Stay close, but not too close. stay far, but not too far.