Boring Desktop? Read This!


Your device could look like this!!

Evie Harris ✰ and Skylar Jones

Backpage Story By Skylar and Evie


       Does your laptop or Chromebook need some spicing up? Over the course of COVID-19, most of us have had to do all school online. Sometimes, school items can get a little plain, so we are here to help! The brand Billabong features many links to fun desktop downloads. Check out the links below!


 ~Here are some links~

Click here for Kissed By the Sun downloads

Click Here for desktop downloads for men

Click here for Daydrifter desktop downloads

Click here for Summer of Love downloads

Click here for Sincerely Jules desktop download


     To install these downloads, there are instructions on the websites to download them. Another way to download them is to save the image as download, go into the folder or drive, then two finger click on the chosen print, then use the option set as wallpaper. Down below is a screen recording if you are confused! We hope you enjoy these fun wallpapers as much as we did. To get the newest links and phone wallpapers, go to Billabong men’s and women’s instagram.  


Computer tutorial link~click here 

Iphone tutorial link~click here 

Instagram link~ 


       These wallpapers are not only convenient, but they are also super cute and rad ways to spice up your used to be boring device. These wallpaper downloads range from patterns, to landscapes, to quotes, and much more. Make sure to support and go check out this cool brand, so you can have fun backgrounds!