10 Facts I Bet You Didn’t Know About Disney World!

Brighton Wiens, Staff

  1. Disney World has a secret underground trash system called AVAC. To use, custodians dump the trash through special processors that send it 60 mph underground to a location where it is sorted and sent to landfills or a recycling center.
  2. In addition to AVAC there are more underground tunnels called utilidors that help cast members (workers) get around. The tunnels are color coded so they know where they are. They navigate through these tunnels on golf cart-like vehicles. 
  3. Epcot is one of the parks at Disney World. When Walt Disney created Epcot he had plans to make a dystopian like model community where he would monitor everything! There was going to be 20,000 people living in the city but when Disney died the idea was deemed unrealistic. 
  4. When Disney World first opened, admission was the price of a water bottle today. Back then the ticket for a one day pass was $3.50 and now prices are as high as $109! 
  5. The American Flags at Disney World are fake! American flags must follow specific guidelines, so Disney World flags are missing a stripe or star so they don’t have to follow flag etiquette! 
  6. Disney World is one of the cleanest theme parks in America due to the fact that you are never more than 30 steps away from a trash can! 
  7. It would take 68 years to spend a night in every hotel at Disney World! There are 30,000 hotel rooms in all!
  8. About 1.65 million sunglasses have been lost since Disney World has opened. About 210 pairs are sent into the lost and found every day. 6,000 cell phones, 3,500 cameras, and 18,000 hats are turned in every year as well!
  9. 75 million coca cola beverages are purchased every year at Disney World, while only 13 million waters are purchased!
  10.  There are hidden barriers between you and the animals on the Kilimanjaro Safari to keep you and the animals safe!