Have You Tried Wordle?

Scarlett Smith and Caroline Rohr

Have You Tried Wordle?

By Caroline Rohr and Scarlett Smith


     Have you heard of this popular game called “Wordle”? Well if not, it isn’t too late to try it out! Wordle is a fun game where you have to guess the five-letter word in six tries. Some letters may turn yellow, which means it is the right letter, but in the wrong place. If the letter turns green, it means it is the right letter, in the right spot. However, if the letter turns gray, it isn’t in the final word. After an interview with Eleanor Sanchez, she recommends the game Wordle because it’s not only challenging but also fun! She enjoys seeing how many days she can correctly guess the word in a row. The New York Times daily wordle resets every 24 hours, so if you can’t figure out what the word is today, you can always do it again tomorrow! If you can’t wait until a new word is generated, then you can also try Wordle Unlimited! Both of these games are fun and entertaining, so why not give them a shot?