What Hobby Are You Most Passionate About?

This is one of the hobbie of a person I interviewed today; Payten Santa Maria.

This is one of the hobbie of a person I interviewed today; Payten Santa Maria.

Abril Marrero, Staff

Hello DNO! Recently, I’ve interviewed some students to know one thing about them, what hobbies are they most passionate about? I’ve got some pretty interesting answers from them and I can’t wait to share them with you! 

We start with 7th Grader Payten Santa Maria. Payten told me that the hobbie she is most passionate about is dance. In case you didn’t know Payten is a very talented dancer that is centered mostly in the beautiful art of Ballet. Payten has been dancing for a great 11 years, and has been in the studio Ballet Arte ever since. At first it wasn’t quite Payten’s decision, but she grew up to love the graceful activity. Payten takes her passion very seriously, she does it 28 hours a week! Of course having to do something so much a week has its downsides, like having no time for homework or having constant headaches. What Payten enjoys about dance is learning so many new things and skills, and being the lead in group dances. Finally, Payten wants to grow to be a studio owner and teach there.

We follow up with Payton Gaspar, (I know, two Paytons). She is most passionate about gymnastics. Payton uses her gymnastics skills for cheerleading, which she does for the middle school football team of the Mavericks. Payton has been in gymnastics for 8 years because she was interested in the sport decided to try it, of course she loved the sport and decided to continue doing it. Payton started her gymnastics journey in SoCal Gymnastics, but is now in After Gym Tech. What Payton enjoys about it is being a leader in routines and teaching girls skills like tumbling. To conclude, Payton plans to maybe be a gymnastics or cheer coach in the future. 

Next up we have Ben Knudsen. The hobbie Ben is most passionate about is baseball. He has done this sport since he was seven years old, and according to him it is the most fun he’s had. Ben had been practicing since he was two years old, and at the age of seven his dad put him on the Little League. The position he likes to do in Baseball is pitcher. He also says that the good thing about it is doing something  active, and the bad thing about it is that it can get boring sometimes. In the future, Ben plans to get into a bigger league, like the Major League.

Finally we have Reid Gelli. Reid’s most passionate sport is soccer, which he has done for 11 years. What Reid enjoys about soccer is that it is really fun and you can stay active. Reid decided to try the sport when he was two and has been playing for the San Diego Surf. The good thing about soccer is that you gain speed and you get fit, but the bad thing about it is that you have to run a lot. Reid plans to be a forward in the FC Bayern Union in the future.

In conclusion, we all have that one hobby that we enjoy a lot and give our soul to. As we can see from the article, these hobbies can be very diverse for everyone.