School Starting times to change under new California Law

A law has been passed in California that will change the middle school and high school starting times.

Aryan Chauhan, Staff Writer

Get ready to sleep in! California governor Gavin Newsom has signed a law that prohibits middle school starting times to be before 8:00 am and high school times to be before 8:30 am. This law will go into effect for the 2022-23 school year, and will continue for three years as research is collected for examination.

This law has been tried in many other states but has “failed in Minnesota, Maine and Rhode Island” (NBC News). California is the first state to have officially pass this law.

Debates have arisen about whether this a good idea or not. 8th grader Brianna Volpp thinks that “it’s fine now” and that it’s “kinda dumb”. She also doesn’t “want to get out later” as she has after-school commitments. Poly Zarate, an 8th grade student, provides a different viewpoint as he says that it is “good” and “very great”, while also saying that they “need more sleep”. 

8th grader Josie Asuncion “doesn’t care” and thinks “nobody cares”. She also believes that it is “unfair that middle school starts earlier and high school starts later”. Continuing the pattern of going against it is 8th grader Nate Smith, who says it’s “not a good idea”. He also says that “parents have to commute and do stuff”, and that people will now become “more tired later”. 

 While opinions are split, most teenagers will benefit in terms of their sleep, but others may face difficulties with their after-school commitments. Either way, the law is still going to be put in place, and it will be seen whether this will become a permanent decision. Only time will tell!