The p buildings

Everyone has heard about the P building and Diegueno’s new quad, with new benches and fresh grass, but most don’t have classes in our school’s favorite new building. After interviewing several of the buildings’ new occupants, I came to a simple conclusion. I interviewed 7th grader Thaleia Tsintikidou about the P buildings and the new quad. She said she liked them because they seemed “newer and nicer” though she doesn’t have a class there. After interviewing James Wagner about the new buildings, I found out that he finds his class there groovy, because” it feels bigger” but wishes that he could eat lunch there. 8th grader Gabriela Mena likes the new classrooms because they are new and nice, and likes her Spanish Language Arts class with Ms. Sanchez. To conclude, most don’t have a class in Diegueno’s favorite new building, but those who I interviewed said that they thoroughly enjoy their trips to them.