Things To Do With Friends In Quarantine

Allison Havranek, Staff

Things To Do With Friends In Quarantine

By: Allison Havranek

  1. That is the number of things we can do as friends during quarantine. Have you ever been home bored out of your mind? Well, I have a solution. Play with your friends! Just be sure to wear masks and stay 6 feet apart so the virus doesn’t spread. There are many safe things to do with friends during this time. 


#1- go bike riding around you or your friend’s neighborhood. It is practically necessary to stay apart so you don’t crash into one another, but because we have to stay 6 feet apart, stay a little extra further.


#2- watch a movie in a grassy space 6 feet apart. My friend and I recently did this and it was very fun because we were making funny comments about the film with each other. It’s just like watching a movie normally, but you are only separated by 6 feet!


#3- Facetime! This is a great way to stay connected with friends and family because you can have conversations without having to go to someone else’s house. 


#4- face time while exercising. You can pull up an exercise video and you and your friend can hit the play button at the same time so you can do the same thing at the same time. While you’re bored, get fit! 


#5- have a parent spray you and your fied with a hose. My dad sprayed my friends and I with one and it was very fun! We dared each other to do certain things while getting sprayed and it was truly a blast!


#6- create a youtube channel. My friend and I also did this activity to entertain ourselves. Plus, we both really enjoy film. Basically we both filmed ourselves saying what we have been doing over fatime, and we edited it so they are side by side and it looks like we were right next to each other.


#7- Play an online game with a friend. Some online games include roblox,, game pigeon, minecraft, mario kart tour, pokemon go, uno, houseparty, and many more. This way, you can play games with friends while staying home. 


#8- go to the beach! You can either swim around in the ocean or see the bioluminescent waters. Both of these do not matter if you are 1 inch apart or 6 feet apart. Iy is a very fun way to still be outdoors and kind of feel like it’s back to normal!

#9- paint in your driveway. Your friend can bring some paint brushes and canvases so you can paint whatever you want! This is a very fun way to spend time with your fires while practicing social distancing.


#10- pass around  a notebook with your neighbors. My neighborhood has beennoingthisrecently, basically you write down anything about your day or any of your thoughts and then you pass it onto the next house and they do the same. It is basically like texting but without having to be on a screen.