Quarantine apps


Vivian, staff

Top quarantine apps 

By: Vivian Okamoto and Helena Farnaes


What have you been doing during quarantine? Many of us have been sitting on our phone. Have you? If so, what apps have you been on? We asked 25 people what app they have been on the most. What do you think the top app is? We also included some fun facts and other things to do in quarantine. Back to the top app, guess what. It’s… Tik Tok! Well, no surprise there. There are about 800 million people worldwide that have Tik Tok accounts, so probably about 800 million people are on tik tik a lot. Have you been on Tik Tok during quarantine? For people that don’t have Tik Tok they had some other really good answers including snapchat and youtube. (in order) The most popular apps people have been on during quarantine is Tik tok, Youtube, Sanpchat, Netflix, Instagram, and messages! That’s a lot of apps! Although that’s no wonder we use a bunch of apps, an average teen spends 7 hours and 22 minutes on their phone a day. Not far behind a tween, who on average spends 4 hours and 44 minutes a day. Is that true for you? In conclusion, instead of going on your phone, you could bake, do crafts, or even read. Although, it is good to stay in touch with your friends during this time. At least we are easing back into being in contact with people!