Covid-19 in different states

How other states are handling CoVid-19

James Wagner, Editor

The virus that has taken 200 normal days (as of 9/29/20) in our lives and replaced it with masks and 6 feet of space between our friends is not being handled the same in every state. In Florida, all restaurants have been reopened to full capacity indoors without a requirement of masks, and now the positivity testing rate is 13.38% according to John Hopkins University. The governor also banned fining people who don’t wear masks or social distance. 

Although Florida is completely reopening there are a few states only partially reopening. Reno, Nevada still requires you to wear masks anywhere you go, but Elise Kattelman says  “Schools are open but half of the school goes one day, the other half goes the next. If you don’t wear a mask inside a business they deny service.” Her brother, Jake, who goes to UNR (University of Nevada, Reno) says “UNR is doing primarily online classes. Masks are required everywhere on campus.”

Jeff Wagner, who lives in Idaho says “Restaurants normally have people sit at every other table. Idaho generally doesn’t require masks and if you see someone wearing one here it’s usually someone from Utah.” 

Not every state is going to have the same requirements, but if you’re traveling to a mostly open state and you are scared, be careful, wear a mask, and stay properly distanced.