Never Forget


Spencer Platt/Getty Images


Presley Thompson, staff

This past September 11, was the 19th anniversary of the biggest terrorist attack on America. It was a tragic day for all Americans, and almost 3,000 people were killed. The Islamic extremist group, al Qaeda hijacked four planes. Two flew into the Twin Towers, one flew into the Pentagon, and the fourth one crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Even if Americans weren’t at these places, they were still affected deeply and remember where they were on the day of the attack.


One sixty-three year old, Patty Crossland remembers in detail where she was and how she felt. When I asked how she found out about the attack, she said “I was driving home from dropping off my kids at school and my neighbor came outside and told me a plane crashed into the Twin Towers.”  She continued to tell me that her first reaction was that it wasn’t a terrorist attack.  She thought it was an accident like medical problems that the pilot had, or an airplane having technical problems. I asked Patty if she was scared on that day and she said “Yes, I wanted to go get my kids out of school to be with them.” Lastly, Patty shared what our country was like after 9/11. She said, “Everyone was shocked and sad but everyone came together and was more friendly, supportive of one another and felt united in a common sadness.”


There are many stories to tell of Americans on that day.  Even celebrities were affected.  Did you know Michael Jackson was supposed to have a meeting in the Twin Towers that morning but he was up too late with his mother the night before, and slept in?  Nineteen years have passed since this tragic day.  We will never forget 9/11 because of how it affected everyone in America so strongly.