October 31st During a Pandemic

Brighton Wiens, Staff

On October 31st kids from all over the world gather with their friends to dress up and collect candy from neighbors. They dress in their favorite character, or food, or anything and go door to door yelling trick or treat to get some candy. But during a pandemic will we be able to resume our typical Halloween traditions? 

The CDC recommends Halloween activities that will put you at a lower risk for contracting the corona virus. Some of these include: decoration pumpkins, decorating your house, a virtual Halloween costume contest, Halloween movie night with your family, having a trick or treat style scavenger hunt in your house or at a safe distance from other people. The CDC also provides moderate risk activities which aren’t recommended but aren’t going to completely expose you to the virus. Some of the moderate activities include, making individually wrapped candy bags for your neighbors after washing your hands thoroughly, having a small party where people are socially distanced, and going through an outdoor open air haunted house while staying 6 ft apart from others. The CDC mentions that Halloween masks are not an alternative to cloth masks and if your costume includes a mask use a cloth one as well. The CDC cannot make you do these things but recommend that you completely avoid these higher risk activities. These activities are: participating in usual trick or treating, attending trunk or treats, attending in door Halloween parties, going on tractor or hay rides with people not in your family, and travelling to other neighborhoods that you haven’t yet been exposed to. 

Los Angeles County Public Health Officials sent out new health guidelines that banned trick or treating on October 31. Then they took off the ban and recommended not participating in trick or treating on Halloween. Some people are agreeing to not participate in Halloween and some people disagree. 

Halloween will be completely different from previous years. Some children may be seen trick or treating and some will not.