Most received or sold candy from halloween


Vivian Okamoto, adviser

As we all know Oct. 31 st was halloween. Evan though most of us didn’t go out trick or treating there was still lots of candy. What was the most candy you think you got? Today I’m going to interview my friends about the candies they got and finding out the most candies stores sold.

After interviewing my friends, the top 3 candies they got were Sour Patch, Twizzlers, and skittles. Most of these candies just came from their homes or maybe a small party outside. Even though most of my friends didn’t go trick or treating, lots of people had cool ways to pass out candy. Some people had sling shots or tubes to safely pass out candy. There were also a lot of neighborhoods that were having little parties or organized ways to pass out candy safely. The real question is what was the most candy sold at stores.

If you had to guess which candy do you think would be the most popular in California. Well According to ( Skittles are the most popular candy. Skittles are also very popular in other states and even take first place for most popular candy in the US. The website shows all the candies that are the most popular in each state. Did you know that Americans all together purchase 600 million pounds of candy for halloween each year? 

Well, those are all of the most popular candies of California. What’s your favorite candy?