Amusement Parks Are Back And Safer Than Ever!

Campbell Fowler, Staff


It has been said that amusement parks will reopen after Covid is completely gone, hearing this probably isn’t too exciting for you though. Well fear no more, because they are back! Lot’s of amusement parks including Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Universal Studios Orlando are all open again! There are more open, but these are the ones I am going to talk about in this article.


You’ve probably already heard that Disney World has been open for quite a while! Well, let’s talk about the new rules and safety precautions now that they are back! The first and most obvious rule is to wear your mask if you are over the age of 2 years old, and of course you must social distance! Next up is safety! Temperature checks are taken before you are even allowed to enter the park. If you are staying at a resort room cleanings have been modified to make sure you are and feel safe! I’m sure we all love the classic Disney food and treats! Well now you have to order online and pick up your food. If you are eating in a restaurant, then you go online and they will tell you when your table is ready! 


Next up is Disneyland! Everyone here has most likely discovered that Disneyland just reopened! Disneyland has the same rules as Disney World. For example, mandatory masks, temperature screenings, and of course social distancing. Well here’s the catch, the park is only open at 25% capacity and it’s currently open to only California Residents. Sorry to those out of state Disneyland lovers! Let’s take a look at what Disneyland looks like at 25% capacity!


As you can see there are no lines and main street is absolutely empty! Ride lines are also very short! Now is a great time to go visit Disneyland if you are a California resident!


Let’s move onto Universal Studios Hollywood! Universal is only open to California residents and those out of state have to be fully vaccinated. If you are going to Universal Studios Hollywood with friends and family, the party has to be limited to 3 families. Let’s discuss the rules. First and foremost masks, and of course your classic social distancing! There are floor marks around the park you must listen to workers rules. Make sure to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer as much as possible!


The last park I am going to be talking about is Universal Studios Orlando.Of course we have the classic rules, masks, social distancing, and temperature checks but we’re going to talk about the rides. Most of the rides are open at Orlando, but certain shows are not. Some children’s play places are also closed at the time. They are allowing people from all states though so if you’re looking for somewhere to go, Universal Studios Orlando!


That is all I have to say! Although it might seem unsafe to go to amusement parks during covid I can assure you that the parks are taking many precautions. If you decide to go I hope you have an amazing time and don’t forget, wear your mask!