Traveling during corona-virus

Vivian Okamoto, advisor

With the Coronavirus going around, many things have changed. One of the huge things that changed was no traveling. Now that they have vacancies out and lower cases, they are starting to open up planes again, but not how they looked before Coronavirus. Today i’m going to be talking about what it’s like to travel on a plane during Corona. 

Starting with the biggest point, you are required to wear a mask at all times on the airplane and airport. Unless you have medical papers proving you can’t wear one, you are pretty much required to. They are also being a little more strict on where you’re going and if it is absolutely necessary. They were doing that more at the beginning of Corona. There are also a lot of stations at the airport including stations with hand sanitizer, and temperature checking. Most airplanes are about more than 70% full.

In conclusion, planes are very different than they were before. Hopefully soon, things will be getting back to normal. Obviously every airport is different  and will have different procedures. I hope your next experience is great!