Bon Voyage!

Riley Goldman and Lily Larson

     Summer is the time for traveling with family and hanging out with friends. Due to the lifting of Covid restrictions, a lot more people were given the freedom to travel. We interviewed a few students at Diegueño Middle School and found out how they spent their summer. From traveling  to exotic places to hanging out at the beach with family and friends.  From going hiking to boating late at night. There are so many different ways our students at DNO spend their summer break.


     Across the Pacific Ocean, Evie Harris, 8th,  and Analiese Hunphreys, 7th, traveled to the beloved island of Hawaii. Analiese went to her house that she has in Oahu, while Evie had a great time snorkeling and scuba diving with her family. Meanwhile, up North, Hallie Oar, 8th, and Jordan Hunt, 8th,  both spent time with their families in Oregon. Going back down south to Lake Tahoe, 8th grader, Presley Thompson, had a great time boating on the lake and going to the beach with her family. In the meantime, Rylie Anderson, 8th, went to Zion and camped with her family of 7. Ending up east, 8th grader, Skylar Jones went tubing at her lake house in Maine and Vermont.  



Hallie Oar

All of our students here at Diegueño Middle School had an amazing summer and were thrilled to be able to get out and travel. We can’t wait to hear about where our students are off to next summer and all of the adventures yet to go on.