Sneezing African Wild Dogs

Kentia Kripalani, Staff

(AWD=African Wild Dogs)

Did you know that African Wild Dogs sneeze? These little cuties sneeze to vote if they want to go hunting or not. The AWD are usually sleeping during the day like most predators, but when they stir from their rest they call these voting hours “high-energy greeting ceremonies”. The more sneezes that the group has, the more chance that they will go hunting. According to Treehugger, it says that if a dominant pair were not engaged in the sneezing, then they would need approximately 10, before the pack could go hunt. This isn’t as weird as what some animals need to do. For example, herds of Red Deer only move when 60% of their adults are up. Also, African Buffalo vote with their hooves, while honeybees love headbutting.  Sadly, the AWD are dying on roads near humans and getting into traps made for other animals, so now only 6,000 adults are existing, with 39 subpopulations.