The Fashion of The World

Diego Deleissegues, Staff

Diego Deleissegues

September 3rd


                                              Opinions on Fashion


    In our lives we always hear the word fashion, but what is fashion and why do we care about it? Why is it that we always flock to a trend, or try to imitate what we think looks good? Why is it that we try to look as another does, why? Why Do we try to make ourselves have a certain “look?” 

   There are several reasons why some are just trying to fit in, while others are much more deep rooted. Some reasons stem from the want to be popular or cool, while others are just desires. One reason is if you live in a very warm climate some fashion is usually cooler and exposes more skin, while in colder climates the fashion might be a sweatshirt and pants. Another reason is for religion or cultural reasons. Like in some areas Turbans are often seen for a religious reason, while in other areas of the world robes or long hair are a sign of intelligence. As I am sure you can most likely think of several other fashions influenced by cultural or religious practices.

   There are more reasons than climate and culture, but these are some large ones. Other than the ones already stated, some major reasons are events and emotion. An example of fashion at an event is say at a wedding. At a wedding you would dress fancily, meanwhile at a funeral the fashion would be dressing in black. Other events would be a party where you would wear casual or fancy clothes. Let’s Say you were a boy, at a party depending on the type you might wear a suit or t-shirt or shorts. 

   All of this together I hope gives you a good idea of what fashion of the world is. I hope you enjoyed this article thank you.