Women Who Faught


The Women’s March in Los Angeles Photo credit: Connor Franta

Aspen Martin, Staff

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Marilyn Manroa. These amazing women showed girls and boys, young and old, that they can do whatever they put their minds to. But if we want to learn about women’s rights and all the women who fought, we need to start from the beginning.


In my mind, women’s rights can start from the time that there were early humans. But one of the earliest women who fought for her rights was Deborah Sampson. Deborah was born on December 17, 1760 in Plympton, Massachusetts. She lived in a nice house with a big family and started her career as a teacher in the Summer and a weaver in the Winter when she was 18. In 1775, the Revolutionary war began. In 1782, Deborah had enough and decided to disguise herself as a man named Robert Shurtleff and join the cause. She led battles and raids but in the end, she was caught when she was unconscious due to a battle wound. She was sent home and married a man named Benjamin Gannet and had three children. This powerful woman who risked her life for a country that was unfair shows me and anyone who knows about her that women can do anything they want too. 

Credit to: https://www.womenshistory.org/education-resources/biographies/deborah-sampson


Next, a woman who fought off sexism was born right before World War ll. Can you guess? Ruth Badar Ginsburg! Ruth, also known from close friends and family by Kiki (pronounced kick-key) grew up in the city of New York. Not only did

The Women’s March in Los Angeles
Photo credit: Connor Franta

grow up to be the first Jewish female justice of the supreme court, her story begins when her career just started, when a man came to her for help. The state was being sexist to the man. This is called reverse sexism. Back then, when a mother who worked at a job but got pregnant and had to stay home or she had a new baby to take care of, she still got paid. The man who came to RBG for help had the same problem. His wife died shortly after their daughter was born. He had to take time off of work and asked to be paid, but was rejected. Ruth helped this man with this problem, and they won the court case! Pretty cool. Eventually RBG helped many others and helped all people know and think that they can do anything.


Both of these women knew something was off, and they both fought for what they thought was right. Whether it’s sexism or reverse sexism they helped people get by and taught young people to do what’s right. And you should too. There will be more next time!