Halloween 2021

Halloween 2021

Lily Larson, editor

       Halloween is the one day a year where kids and teens can dress up however they want without feeling out of place. Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The purpose of dressing up is to scare away the spirits. Some people say that their favorite part of Halloween is dressing up, while others say it’s receiving candy.

       One of the best parts about Halloween is seeing all of the different costumes kids/teens come up with. Here at Diegueno Middle School, there are a variety of different costumes that will be seen around campus. Some of which are a witch, an alien, a killer clown, a boxer, an angel, a Jedi, and a cowboy. A few costumes that will be seen at our school that I’ve never seen before are Flo from Progressive Insurance, Mrs.Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, and Barney. A costume that will be seen a lot is Mr.worldwide, also known as Pitbull. As you can tell, this is just a slight introduction to what we will expect at school this Halloween.

       The Pie-Chart above covers some students at Diegueno Middle School’s favorite Halloween Candy. A big part of Halloween is receiving candy when you trick-or-treat. When people walk up to a house and knock on a door they expect to get candy after they say, “trick or treat.” As you can see on the chart above, Reese’s are the most popular and liked candy that gets passed out during Halloween. The second most popular candy is Sour Patch Kids and the third most popular candy is Candy Corn. Candy is one of the things that everyone looks forward to during the Halloween season and night.

      In conclusion, Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year. You get to dress up and go door to door asking for candy. There are so many haunted houses you can participate in. Families host parties that are filled with games. Overall, Halloween is one night of the year that is filled with so much fun.