Halloween Stories

Kentia Kripalani, Staff

I will be sharing 5 titles and my reviews of 5 Halloween stories. 


This is the link to the stories: https://www.rd.com/list/scary-halloween-true-events/


The first story is called: The Architect’s Key. This story is really short, and I guess about a ghost in a basement. I don’t really think it was that creepy. I would give it a 4/10 on creepiness. 


The second story is called: A mother’s love. According to this story, I think that the mother loved her son very much! This story is a little longer than the other one, and probably the same amount of creepiness. I think the boys in the story should be much more scared than the dad in the 1st story. 


The third story is called: The ghost in the hall. This story I would give a 2-10 rating on creepiness, in my opinion it isn’t very creepy. A teddy bear finding his way back to the closet every time. Woo hoo!


The fourth story is called: A voice in the desert. I have to admit, these stories aren’t at all alarmin for me. Your friend frantically calls you to come and be quiet but you don’t see anything. Then they leave. Scary for you, maybe for your friend, but not for the reader. 


The fifth story is called: Echoes of the past. This story still isn’t creepy enough for me, but it is still scarier than the other ones. The faucet keeps going on every week, and the repairman tells you that the woman that lived there before drowned in that bathtub. Frightening for the person living there now, I wouldn’t want to buy that house!


There are 15 more stories if you want to read them. I hope that you liked my short/weird summaries!