7th Grade Science Teacher Feature


We all love science, don’t we? But what we love even more are the teachers! Diegueno has three wonderful 7th grade science teachers, but how well do you really know them? Mrs. Byrnes, Mrs. Nguyen and Mrs. Pavlovitch are an esteemed part of the science teachers at DNO, and have all taught 7th grade science for years. We have asked all of the formerly mentioned teachers, except Mrs. Pavlovitch, a few questions to help you get to know them better. Mrs. Byrnes has been teaching science for 29 years and her absolute favorite unit to teach is dissection and the human body. She loves them, but is saddened to say that both of those have been removed from the curriculum. She wishes they would be integrated back into the curriculum as she believes that it is really important to a seventh graders’ education to be informed about the anatomy of one’s body and the dissection of animals. Then we have Mrs. Nguyen, who has taught for 22 years, 21 of which were at Diegueno. She has always loved teaching, anything from a Vietnamese language teacher to a church youth group leader, but has finally settled as a science teacher after starting college with ambitions to be a doctor or research scientist. Now, all she aspires to is to be an epidemiologist and study the spread of diseases when her teaching career is at its end.