Sports are Back!


Anna Torres and Giselle Mendoza


        Sports this year have made a return. That means students at  Diegueno and all around San Diego are starting sports back up again!. Football is also back! What team are you routing for in the NFL? A lot of the students and teachers all have different teams they are cheering for, the kind of sports they play, their favorite sports, and what teams they’re cheering on. Kids at Diegueno play all different kinds of sports. Everyone is different. Football games are also back in the local high schools.  Let’s hope for a good football season. Go Cougars!     

We interviewed a few of DNO students:

Grayson White a 8th grader said his favorite sports to play are soccer and also enjoys to watch it!

James Cunnigham plays basketball.

Evelyn Boyle a 7th grader had said that she does equestrian and enjoys volleyball!!

Thank you for reading and what football teams are you rooting for this season!