Our New Principal!


Diego Deleissegues and Claire Becker

       Have you met the new principal Dr. Barnette yet? Her first school she worked at was Rancho Bernardo highschool in San Diego county. She moved to Diegueno from Earl Warren middle school in Solana beach, however, she would love to stay at Diegueno until she retires. On September 30th, 2022, when we interviewed her, we spoke about her ideas on phones, and e-bikes, two of our biggest questions about our school at the moment. On the phone policy topic, Dr. Barnette said, “We will not change the cell phone policy, teachers and parents love the cell phone policy. The research is clear that it is better for kids not to have their phones during the day, if we can give you guys a 6-hour break from everything going on on social media and other things, then that’s great.” When asked about a policy at other schools where bikes have to leave after cars, Dr. Barnette said, “It’s something to consider if it would make it safer, however, we don’t have that many cars leaving here so I don’t know if it would improve the safety in our parking lot.” 

      When we asked students about e-bikes, Nicholas Gokhale said, “I think everyone should stop congregating in the parking lot and obey traffic laws and be safer.” Nyla Biondoillo’s thoughts on the phone policy are “It’s good because it helps people socialize with others around them so they are not always on their phones.” Overall we have many rules at our school, but they help make it a better learning environment for all of us.