The Election


Piper Sistek and Abby Anger

Now we bring you back to the days when the election was still Happening. The fight against Elle Cannis, and Olivia Bennet was fierce and they both put up a good fight. But We would like to share with you some exclusive behind-the-scenes of what was really happening during this election. We asked our two competitors some questions, and they answered. What did they answer? Well, you’ll have to find that out! 

Let’s start with Elle Cannis and her team. First, we asked her How do you feel about winning? And she answered with a confident “I don’t know.” Hearing this we asked her why and she said “There hasn’t really been one person who is more likely to win, it is mostly even.” Then we asked who has the better advertisement and she said she definitely does. Since we hadn’t asked about her team yet, we decided to ask her about them. Just so you are clear Elle’s team consists of Kayla W. as Vice president, Cooper as secretary, Jake as treasurer, Adelia as historian, Bella as parliamentarian, and Kylie as their reporter. Elle said, “I feel my team has a more diverse set of people whereas Liv’s team is just her friends, which is not bad, it’s just I feel you need different people and different voices.” So obviously Elle is very satisfied with her team. Now let’s hear from the team! Kayla said, “She loves the president, and thinks she’s gonna make a difference and is always very happy.” Cooper said something very similar. He said, “she’s nice and I think she’ll be a good president and I hope she’ll win, and is very committed.” The rest of the team said she is very inspiring and uplifting and they all hope she’ll win. Now want to hear what Elle is going to do if she wins? Well, she promises better vending machines and items in them, More dances, A Suggestion box, More spirit, and bigger prizes. That’s all for Elle’s side of the story! Now moving on to the next opponent. Olivia Bennet. 

Moving on to Olivia Bennet and her team. We asked Liv some questions too, to hear the other competitors’ sides of the story. So we asked her whether she thought she was gonna, and she said “I honestly didn’t know.” Then we asked whether she and Elle were on good terms considering during the election considering that can be pretty stressful and you are basically fighting against the other. She very quickly answered that they get along very well and the election didn’t affect their relationship at all. Next, we asked her, just as we did to Olivia, whether she thought she had the better team, “I think I have the better team, we are all friends, and have a really good connection where we will be able to work well together.” She said. Finally, we asked what she thought about the election, and she said something along the lines of, it was really fun, especially the kids holding up signs and chanting. Then we moved on to her team (or at least the people present during the interview), which included Brinn as secretary, Margot as treasurer, and Pavan as VP. Brinn, in her exact words, said “SHE’S GREAT.” Margot says Liv is very responsible and very fun to be around. Finally, Pavan stated that she “Really knows what she is doing.” Some things they would have planned (if been elected) would have been, more school dances, costume contests, a movie night, a cake walk, spring festivals, and working vending machines, which all sounds pretty fun to me. 

You heard it here first folks. Now you know what was really going on behind the scenes of this election and getting to hear both teams’ sides in the election. This is Piper and Abby wishing you a good rest of the day, hoping this clears some things up about the election. Thank you.