Forever 21 bankruptcy


Olivia Holzman, News

A super popular business, Forever 21, has gone bankrupt! Their bankruptcy was announced, saying that they would close 350 stores. Customers were not happy about this and most were asking for refunds on their gift cards. Customers tried to file a lawsuit to redeem their gift cards. Forever 21 was a trendy store that tried to hop on every trend, but that led to their downfall. Their stock market was always changing and they got something new every month. They priced their clothing very low, so they didn’t get much profit and most of their things were not the best quality. Some of their clothes were questionable things that people would never buy. Forever 21 used to be “the great store”, but after stores like Urban Outfitters and Brandy Mellville became big, Forever 21 wasn’t as popular anymore. People would make fun of the clothes they had and no one really wore their things.

Student Makayla Blumenthal says there things were getting boring and no one was really interested in their products anymore. They tried so hard to be super trendy that their clothes became weird and too colorful. 

The clothing store had some children’s clothes, but mostly teenagers went to the store. Teens were always up with the style, but forever 21 kind of has their own style. After they got branded shirts, every plain shirt you thought was there had some sort of name or pattern on it. Eventually forget 21 just became a faze and everyone was over it. Forever 21 then tried to expand their inventory by getting athletic wear and different styles that weren’t necessarily popular. Their business went down after that, that is mostly what led up to why they went bankrupt.

With customers angry and bills being repaid, Forever 21 is doing their best to keep up.