Mountain Lion Sneaks Into Couples Home in Sonora, California


Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Mountain lion in the wild

Julia Cornacchione and Kate Beson

Mountain lions take up more than half of California, so it’s not very surprising that one wandered into a home in Sonora, California on Sunday night. Typically they not very aggressive so this was only a quick and cool experience. The couple was watching TV when they heard a sound from down the hall, they went to investigate. The two were both pretty surprised to find the big cat waltzing around the house. The mountain lion instantly recognized that it was spotted and fled into the bathroom, locking itself in. The couple then peeked inside the locked bathroom and saw it sprawled on the bathroom floor, but surprisingly, they still thought it was a neighbors pet. The woman nudged the tail in an attempt to ease it out the window, but the cat stayed put. Once they realized what it was, the couple raced to another room and barricaded themselves in.
They called 911 and the police quickly responded, coming straight away. After the police coaxed the mountain lion out of the second story window with a piece of fish and wildlife officers, they refused to charge the cat with breaking and entering.

Fascinating Facts About Mountain Lions
Few sightings result in a mountain lion being identified as an imminent threat to public safety, in fact, there are some incredibly rare experiences that are more likely to happen than mountain lion attacks. One of those instances is drowning in your own bathtub. This crazy experience is more likely to happen than a mountain lion attack. Along with being struck by lightning, and being killed by your very own dog! These events are once in a blue moon just like mountain lion attacks. These majestic creatures are truly gentle giants and are considered harmless, according to wildlife professionals.
What Do You Think?
When asking a wide variety of people what they thought of this insane sequence of events, there were some groundbreaking answers. The question asked was, “What would your reaction be to finding a mountain lion in your house?”
7th grader, Georgia Sporrer says, “My reaction would be to ask my mom if we can keep it.”
8th grader, Ben Gordon states, “I think I would probably close the door and tell my mom and dad that we should move.”
Lastly, opinions were taken from Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Byrnes. Mrs. Collins says, “I would slam the door and call animal control.”
Finally, Mrs. Byrnes states, “ I would be super stoked and excited and try and get a picture, but I would feel bad because we have taken their land.” So, that’s the opinions of some of the students, and staff of Diegueno Middle School. What’s yours?