The Goathead lot


The lot above school is full of thorns that get in the way of bike tires, which also probably gets in the way of bikes coming to school. These thorns are known as goatheads. These do not only exist at Diegueno, they were also at my old school, Paul Ecke Central where I got five in the second semester of sixth grade. We volunteered one time to get rid of them, but as they were spread out so much, we could not get them all.

7th grader, Ari Nassiri says he and each of his friends have gotten at least one popped tire due to these goatheads. Some of the time they have even gotten them on the other side of the street. If the school wants to be “environment-friendly” and encourage that kids bike to school, these, without a doubt, are a problem.

Dragging carpet around works to pick up any loose thorns. To get rid of the plants you can pluck them, burn them or poison them. The school needs to get rid of these, and if not kids will continue to get goatheads and there will continue to be more of them.