Artist’s Amazing Award


Riley Platenberg and Brooke Bairley

          Ever wonder what goes on in the elective art? Well due to all of the hardworking students in art, the art teacher, Mrs.Casassa received a $500 grant from north island credit union for the projects the advanced art students do, such as the murals. They also donated $200 worth of crayola art supplies for the schools crayola drive. Twice a year they give out 10 $500 teacher grants. Mrs.Casassa was one of the lucky 10 to receive grants out of all of the San Diego schools. 

First, we interviewed Kate Hnatek, she is a student of Mrs.Casassa’s and enjoys her time in art. Kate isn’t in advanced art, so she was not in the classroom when Mrs.Casassa received the grant but she had heard about it. She makes sculptures, paintings, and drawings on a daily basis. She is very proud of her fellow students and her amazing teacher.  

Next, we spoke to Rosalie McConnell, she has done art two years in a row, so she is in advanced art. Rosie was present when Mrs.Casassa received the grant, and was very supportive of her teacher. Rosie is currently working on her self portrait in the advanced art class. “Mrs.Casassa treats us like real people, not just like students which makes the class more enjoyable.” Said Rosie, she is very passionate about her artwork and hopes to keep on excelling. 

Mrs.Casassa is a fantastic teacher and she is very deserving of this grant. She is loved by all her students, and the artwork her students make is stunning. Diegueño is very lucky to have Mrs.Casassa as a teacher, and we are very proud of her for receiving this reward.