Deadly Hornets!


Quincy Boddicker, staff writer

As if the CoronaVirus isn’t enough, recently, there has been research done, proving that deadly bugs are soon to flood into the US! As of today, only a few have been located. This terrifying new creature called the Asian Giant Hornet, is often known as a “Murder Hornet”. They also look like they have some kind of a cartoon face. The thing found most scary by many is that this bug can grow up to two to three inches long!

One sting will definitely hurt worse than anything most humans feel in a lifetime, and in many previous stings, death occurred. According to National Geographic, Murder Hornets have toxic venom in their stinger. The pain has been compared to being stabbed with a burning hot needle. It depends on your body and blood, but after being stung, it swells a lot and hurts excruciatingly for a few days, nonstop! Next, the venom gets to the bloodstream and clots it until there is no more blood work left in the body. That’s when people die immediately.

It has been said that once a human comes into contact with a Murder Hornet, there isn’t much you can do because they just sting for fun. Most experts say to just squat or lay on the ground immediately and pray. Running or sudden movement makes people more visible to them.

Again, these monsters have barely been witnessed, so as of now, there is nothing to worry about. Scientists everywhere are tirelessly working to find populations of these killing-machines all over America so that experts can exterminate them before they become invasive. Stay safe!