Is staying home having a positive or negative effect on our health?


Mikki and Brooke Bairley

During quarantine people have been staying home which has changed their lifestyles and their health. There have been positive and negative effects on our health.

Staying home has made people cook more which is good for your health. It has been shown that the people who cook meals at home eat healthier and consume fewer calories than the people who eat out. Also home made meals contain less fat and sugar than food from fast food restaurants. A bad diet is the main cause of death in America. Eating from home has also had some negative effects. With fear of the pandemic people have been stress eating tubs of ice cream and baking more. Overall I would say that eating from home has had a positive effect on our health. 

Covid-19 hasn’t had such a positive effect on our physical activity. With gyms and sports stopped it has been hard for many Americans to continue exercising. Before the pandemic 3,000 US adults were meeting the exercise guidelines but when social distancing began 32% of these people reduced their social activity. Exercise is needed to help keep the body healthy and staying home has not helped.

Another negative effect of this pandemic is depression and anxiety. Physical activity is not only needed for our external health but it is also used to prevent depression. With exercise on the decrease depression is on the rise.  The uncertainty of the coronavirus has been the hardest thing to handle for many people. Worrying about jobs or when things will go back has made people stress more than ever. Some teenagers may be separated from their friends for very long periods of time during this quarantine which can also have a massive impact on our mental health. Almost half of the American population had reported the coronavirus having an impact on their mental health. This time has caused many mental health problems experienced by people around the world.

Even though staying home may have shown some challenges it has affected the environment in a great manner. With less people on the roads there has been a large decrease in greenhouse gases. Also with large industries shut down the amount of fossil fuels used has had a large decrease as well. The pollution levels in tourist spots like forests, beaches and more have gone down. With all of the technology less paper is being used which means less trees are being cut down. The air has become better to breathe which has had an overall effect on the health of our lungs.

This pandemic has really made people look at life through a different perspective. Coronavirus has had negative and positive effects on people around the globe’s health such as eating healthier (positive), a decrease in physical activity (negative), the environment finally getting time to breath (positive), and taking a great toll on childrens’, teens’, and adults’ mental health. These are just some examples of the effects of the coronavirus quarantine, and we hope that the positive ones stay positive and the negative ones become positive. When we go back we can look back at some of the positive effects of the coronavirus and add those into our everyday lives.