Are “Murder Hornets” as bad as they seem?


Japanese giant hornets, more commonly known as murder hornets, are an invasive species of hornets from japan that made their way to the U.S and are spreading a lot of rumors about it. When you hear the name you would think that they murder humans and are a great danger to us and truly, that is only partly true. 


These hornets murder, but its not likely to be you. It takes multiple stings to kill a person. However, they are very capable of killing many insects and even rodents. Their most common victim is honeybees. Considering the fact that the honeybee population is declining makes these insects even more repellent.


Murder hornets were spotted for the first time in Washington state in December which had beekeepers there very concerned. They are the biggest known hornets in the world, growing up to two inches long. They deliver a lot of venom from their sting which reacts with the skin and nervous system. According to Conrad Bérubé, a beekeeper in the U.S, “Being stung by an Asian Giant Hornet is like having red-hot thumbtacks driven into the flesh”. As you can see, while these giants don’t always kill you, they sure can hurt you.


In the end, we can all agree that these Japanese Giant Hornets, although scary, are not as bad as we all thought.