Corona Experiences

Olivia Holzman and Charlotte Jaffe, staff

Corona Experiences

By: Olivia Holzman and Charlotte Jaffe

Corona has been a hard experience for all of us. It’s something that hasn’t happened to our generation yet and people have looked at it in different ways. Here’s what some students had to say about it.

8th grade student Racquel Vathianathon says, “Corona has not been the best experience, it has been very boring and I wish i could see my friends.” Most students have had the same answer about their experience. Student Caden Gluhawk says, “It has been good to have time to myself, but it’s very boring and difficult to be away from my friends.” Our last student has also had the same answer. Student Kate Chivatti says, “ It has been a very boring experience and it sucks not being able to see my friends.” As you can see it is hard for everyone to be away from their friends. If you ask us, we think that it’s hard to be away from friends, but it’s also difficult being away from school.

All in all, Corona has been an experience no one will forget, and not in a good way. We wish you all the best with your coronation.