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Abril Marrero, Editor

Hello there DNO, are you ready for your dose of recent San Diego news! Today we have news about the vaccine, school reopening, and covid-19, so stick with me to know what has happened in San Diego recently.


Covid-19 vaccines are here, and they are ready for use, with an appointment, of course. Vaccines are used for those working high-risk jobs and the elderly. Vaccination sites can be found in the Copley-Price YMCA in El Cajon, and the UC Sand Diego Super Station at Petco Park, which will be closed from February 27 to March 2nd due to a national shortage of Moderna vaccine. According to the County News Center, “Those vaccinated to date include nearly 233,000 San Diegans who are fully vaccinated, while more than one in five San Diegans over age of 16 has received at least one dose.” More vaccines will be arriving sometime this week.


Now, for the Covid-19 news, 662 cases were reported on February 25th, which makes the total 259,644 positive covid cases. 11 deaths were reported on February 25th, which makes the total amount of deaths 3,271, the deaths were of people from 50 years old to older than 80. On a more positive note, we are hopeful that San Diego will re-enter the red tier of the pandemic soon, which means resuming things like indoor dining and in-school learning, which is very exciting! Remember to stay safe, wear your mask when you are in public, keep your distance from other people, at least 6 feet apart, and do not attend public gatherings with a lot of people or not at all, it’s better to prevent than lament later. 


Now, did you hear the news? We are planning on having a school reopening on March 8th, following healthy guidance from the San Diego health department of course. We will hopefully have a day a week of in-person learning, so that’s very exciting to think about and look forward to!


That’s it for today cougars, I hope this recent news helped you. Stay safe out there!