The Most Popular Places to Travel in 2021


Skylar Jones, staff

Because of the Covid-19 lock down over the past year or so. Everyone has been trying to get creative with places to travel. For the majority of the last year you could not fly anywhere, but with new guidelines in place flying is now open to the public. In this article I am going to list the most popular places to travel in the US and some new travel destinations you could visit!


The first most popular place to visit during 2020-2021 is in Asheville, North Carolina. People go to Asheville because they like the small town feel, which is seen in their population of artists, musicians, and food and drink entrepreneurs.Number two one the list for most popular places is Big Island Hawaii. The Big Island in Hawaii has lots to offer but the tourists favorite part is the luxury resorts, and beautiful beaches it has to offer. Next up is Boston, Massachusetts. This city is filled with lots of old sweet history that comes through in it’s old buildings, street shops, brick walks, and amazing people. Now, on the opposite side of the county from Boston, we have California’s Central Coast. People love visiting the Central Coast because of the surf town feel all throughout the coast. The beautiful beaches are also a plus! And last but no least, is the beautiful state of Maine! People say Main is one of the most underrated places to travel in the country. I mean who can resist a scenic area with beautiful lakes, meadows, towns, restaurants, and more.


Now that I’ve shared the most popular places to travel with you, i’m going to tell you about some new spots to visit in California. Some really cool places to go to in our home state Cali! The top 5 are Point Area Lighthouse, Mount Shasta, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Bodie State Historic Park, and Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area. Next time you get a chance you should visit these hidden locations!


And in general, you should visit all the places listed in this article. They are all beautiful, fun, interesting and more. Next time you’re looking for a vacation spot, keep these in mind!!