We Might Be Finally Waking Up From This Nightmare

Charley Berry, Staff

March 13th, 2020. That was the day that our whole country went into a “National Lockdown”, also known as quarantine. We were stuck at home, our lives were put on hold, and nothing was the way it used to be, nothing was normal. Over a year later and just when we thought we couldn’t go on like this anymore, a miracle happened. Monday, December 14th, was the day that the very first Covid-19 vaccine was given. It was administered in New York City, and as our whole country held its breath, we waited for a conclusion on how it went. We waited, watched the clocks, the seconds, tik-tok, tik-tok. There was a response a few weeks later, and pretty soon the Pfizer, and Moderna vaccines were being given out all around the country. In March 2021, more people were getting vaccinated and California came from being one of the most affected states to one of the least. Now in April, more teens can get vaccinated and all adults can as well. Although this is amazing news, the one offside of the vaccine is the different responses people can have to it. A lot of people that have already had the virus and then got the vaccine have had very rough reactions to it. Usually, after they get the second shot, they have felt feverish, colds, and were stuck in their beds for 2-3 days. Not all people have reacted like this though, and most that have are completely fine within a few days! Within months our state could be back open, maybe looking like how things were way back before all of this happened. Soon we will be back to how our life was, the normal life we all had before Covid-19.