Afghanistan Interview Article


CNN 10

Taliban guarding and protecting their territory.

Ireland Moore and Matthew Rausche

Hello students of DNO Middle School! In this article we are going to tell you about what the student body knows about what was going on in the country of Afghanistan. We completed four interviews, each with a different student, over the past couple weeks. We interviewed Makena Barberree, Dexter Kinzly, Elle Cannis, and Noah Anderton. We asked them a series of questions about what they know about what was going on in Afghanistan. W

hen asked what they could tell us about the country of Afghanistan and the terrorist group called the Taliban, they replied with a variety of answers. “Secret Society” Makena Barberree replied when asked to define the Taliban, “In a book I read that they did 9/11” said Noah, Elle replied saying that “They are ruining Afghanistan,” and Dexter said, “they’re not actively doing anything, but we shall soon see.” We then asked our interviewees to define the word terrorist in their own words, Noah responded saying, “Terrorists are like the army but the exact opposite,

Taliban caused explosion (CNN 10)
Taliban target practice (CNN 10)

they don’t fight for anything, they just fight for themselves.”  which we thought was an extremely good answer. When asked if they think it was the right thing to do to send our troops to help Afghanistan in the first place almost 20 years ago, they responded with many interesting answers. Dexter said, “I am pretty sure that the 911 attack killed a lot of people. There should have been some action, even whether or not it was worth it, but I do not know if it should have lasted 20 years.” One of our last questions was if they thought it was right to remove our troops. “I don’t think it was a good idea to take out the troops, but taking out the civilians was a good idea,”stated Noah. To conclude this article, the student body knows a lot about what was happening with the Taliban and Afghanistan and the U.S. But, though they do know a lot, I do not think they know even 20% of what actually went down.