Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Girl Scout Cookie Season!

     Girl Scout Cookies are a fan favorite all over the United States. But now that cookie season is about to come to an end, let’s talk about how it all began and where it has come today.

     Girl Scouts of America first started in 1912 in Savannah, Georgia. Girl Scout Cookies started out where the girls and moms of the groups would bake cookies at home. They would then sell them to make funds for activities. In 1930 the prices of cookies were 23 cents for 1 box, each box had 44 cookies. Today, the cookies cost $5 for 1 box, each box has 30 cookies. Girls scouts also offer a gluten free option for $6 a box. 

    There are 12 different flavored Girl Scout Cookies made today, but there were 3 cookies that were the starting point of this door-to-door business. Those cookies consisted of Thin Mints, Do-si-dos, and Trefoils. These cookie flavors were a mandatory seller, always able to be purchased. Although those cookies were, and still are popular nowadays, there are so many more options available. Flavors like Samoas and Tagalongs, or S’mores and Lemonades. Or even the newest flavor to the bunch, Adventurfuls.

       Considering how popular Girl Scout Cookies are, you must wonder where most of the funds go after profit? Well, 22% of the profits go towards troop proceeds and rewards for the girls in the program, and 24% of the funds goes towards the Girl Scout Cookie program and the baking/branding costs. Lastly, 54% is invested in girls through programs, properties, volunteer support and training, financial assistance, and council services. Overall, the funds of the program go towards making the Girl Scout program the best it can for the girls to have the best experience.