Zero Period


       Zero period in the San Dieguito Union High School District is a before school period that allows students to come to school an hour early and leave over an hour earlier hence you wouldn’t have a 6th period. This means that students will have one of their classes before the rest of the school starts, meaning that they are able to leave earlier (during lunch). This was a big plus to most students participating because they have more time to do homework and have free time. 

      But due to a new California law  as stated by Governor Gavin NewsomThis bill does not allow middle schools to start before 8 am, and does not allow high schools to start before 8:30 am.” This is conflicts with the ability to continue with a zero period next year.  Many parents need zero period for their kids because they work earlier or it just fits better for their schedule or some kids even like to come to school earlier if it means leaving school earlier than everyone else. Next year Diegueno Middle School will start school at 8:10 or 8:15. Now the question is… do students at Diegueno enjoy zero period? And will they suffer by not having it? 

    Ottilie Noll said, “I love Zero Period because I get to school earlier, and I get to get out earlier which is AWESOME! I like being able to go home earlier on 0, 2, 4, 6 days because it gives me time to do homework and chill!” 

    Ben Neal said, “I like getting up early and going to school so that I can get home early, get my work done, and be able to relax. It also means more hanging out time with my friends.”

     Henry Collins said, “Zero period makes me happy. I am a morning person and it allows me as well as other kids to get home early, get their homework done, and be ready for activities like sports. It is a disappointment to see the program go and is going to affect me heavily.”

         One positive about not having Zero Period is kids will get to sleep in more, some kids’ parents make them do Zero Period but now they just get to sleep in. Overall, Students at Diengueo Middle School and around the SDUHSD district love zero period and the change is going to have a heavy impact on students. Not only to the zero period students but to everyone due to the accompanying schedule changes. This is a bad idea, because not only will this limit the ability to come home earlier and have more homework and relaxation time, but it will also cause the schools to release their students at later times in the day.