ASB activities



     After countless minutes of work we have the answer to the following question: Ever wonder what ASB has in store? Elle Cannis hinted that a Halloween costume contest is coming up as well as an activity for every season of the year! This should hopefully include Easter, Christmas, and ThanksGiving. Kylire Liu and Cooper Andrew have said they are also bumping up school spirit this year with not one, not three, but two spirit weeks. And although they are hard to plan, ASB decided to have a fundraiser this year. We should also have a 3rd party business creating a raffle, with some very nice rewards. Cannis told us the soonest activity we have planned is the movie night, which, unfortunately, will be pay to enter. But there will be snacks and friends and a movie so it’s a good time. If you have any other ideas, they said they would love to hear them. Thanks for reading, and thank you to Elle, Cooper and Kylie for being such cooperative interviewees.