Do people really like “springing forward “and “falling back’?


Sofia Mena

Everyone and their mothers in the United States and Europe  knows about daylight savings time. That time of the year where the sky gets dark at 6:00 pm and stay dark until 7:00 in the morning. A lot of people relish daylight savings, even if it has been outlawed in Arizona and Hawaii. But what do people really feel about it?

          After  interviewing around the Diegueno campus, I realized that most people don’t really enjoy springing forward, but do enjoy falling back, so they get an extra hour of sleep. Layya Stearman, a seventh grader, told me that she likes the time change because “I can experience different time periods” Another seventh grader, Abril Marrero told me “It can be really confusing and it may change our routines”

    To conclude, most people don’t particularly like switching time, but tolerate it. In our next local election, congressmen will propose to take daylight savings off of next year’s calendar in California. Would you vote to take it off?