What Are Student’s Favorite Apps?


Allison Havranek and Lulu Rehm

Technology is such a big part of our lives nowadays. Students are the victims of it because they use it for everything. Our mobile phones are always in our pockets and we always have screen light shining in our face in classrooms. My partner and I decided to interview multiple students and ask them what their favorite apps are. First, we ask them what their favorite social media if they have it is. Then, we ask them what their favorite non-/social media is. After all of our interviews we have narrowed it down to the most popular apps that students use. 

The app that most students voted on was Instagram with 12 votes. Second place was Snapchat, with a total of five votes. Next is messages, with three votes. Then, last is Tik-Tok with a total of seven votes. That are all the social media that the students we interviewed choose. For non-social media apps, Mario kart was first place with a high of seven votes.The runner-up was YouTube with a total of five votes. Next was FaceTime in with a total of three votes. And tied for last had three votes, which were Spotify and Netflix. Eight students voted for other apps We put it in the category of “other.”

 Imagine a world without these apps. It would affect stuent’s lives very much because they would have nothing to do all day and they would not know what is happening outside of school. Technology is happening around and with us and we are the future in the making.