Does Climate Change Concern You?


Jenna Rausche, Writer

            We asked students at Diegueno Middle School about their concerns of climate change. When asked about climate change, most students act like it isn’t even there, or they don’t even know what it is. Global warming as it is also known, is a very real problem and many students go uninformed about the topic. Climate change the heating up of the earth’s atmosphere and the melting of our icecaps. The water level of the ocean will rise as the gas emissions of humans and cars continue to raise the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere.

            Many kids have strong thoughts and opinions and often never get to express their thoughts. Climate change has become a very hot topic on the news and continues to affect many people around us. Eighth grader, Layla Thiessen, says, ” Yes, climate change concerns me because I love going to Canada and now it’s hot and doesn’t snow.” Many places around the world are heating up the resources that humans depend on like the ice caps of frozen freshwater, and the snow on the tips of mountains that run down to villages where they utilize it daily. 

            Some people are looking forward to the modern day technology advances and inventions to solve the problems we face today. In sunny southern California, we don’t experience the effects of climate change and global warming as much as some places that get snow or have routine cold weather. When asked if climate change concerned him, seventh grader, Andrew Stamfl said, “No because modern day science can figure it out.” This shows that some people are very confident in the minds of science and any problem can be solved with some hard work and innovation.

            Overall, the topic of climate change brings up many opinions good and bad. Many animals and humans are directly affected by the cause, and this is an issue that has many sides to it. This generation is the most important generation in taking steps towards solving the problem so we. as well as future generations, will not be deeply affected.