The New Quad

Tyler Maestas, staff writer

As we all know Diegueno has a new quad. Many of us are asking questions like when will it be open, will we be able to use it all the time, what are the rules? Our principal Mrs. Dolncick has answered all those questions and more. Her opinion on the new quad is that people will be allowed to go in the quad when there is a teacher supervising and at lunchtime eventually after the grass grows. Mrs. Dolnick states “if we knew people wouldn’t step on the grass and plants we would let the kids go in the quad at lunch sooner.” Some of the rules for the quad is to be respectful, let the grass grow, and understand that the process takes time.

Kiera Vick’s opinion on the old quad is that they should have more places to sit, therefore using the new quad at lunch would be helpful because kids would have more places to sit and do their work. Brooke Bairley states that the new quad is pretty but It’s silly that we can’t really use it. I agree with both of  these opinions because they are true. We still need to respect the plants and show the school we are able to have the responsibility of being in the quad, so we can have the ability to use it.

If we really want to go in the quad at lunch or anytime we would have to be supervised by a teacher. Clubs are allowed to go in the quad at lunch for extra space but they will need someone willing to supervise them. Same thing goes for kids who want to use it during class time. Teachers will either have to be out there watching them or check up on them once and a while to make sure they’re not breaking any rules or doing something they’re not supposed to.