What life will be like after quarantine



Life After Quarantine

Sienna Balardeta and Avery Baker

Many people have spent their quarantine wondering what our life will be like once the quarantine rules are lifted from our community. Will life be the same as before? Will we be more aware of our distancing or health? Avery Baker and Sienna Balardeta asked family members around the house to see what they believe the life after quarantine will be like. 

The first family member we asked was Joey Balardeta, Sienna’s brother. When asked what he thinks life will be like after quarantine he said, “I think it will be about the same, but with a couple of differences,” when asked to elaborate, “I think people will be more aware of their surroundings and will keep their distance to stay safe and healthy.

The second family member we asked Addison Baker, Avery’s sister. She said, “I think it will be more hectic because people are going to be super happy to have the freedom to get out. Because people will be allowed to go into stores and shops.”

The third family member we asked was Holly Balardeta, Sienna’s mom. She said, “I feel like people will be happier and appreciate things more. I feel like people, including me, will try to make the best of every moment they have together.”

The fourth family member we asked was Kimberly Baker, Avery’s mom. Her take on this was similar to Holly Balardeta’s. She stated, “I feel like people will come together more. I think people will realize how special some moments are and will cherish them.”

These are just a few people’s views on this question and we are sure there are so many more. Whether it’s cherishing the moment, being more aware, staying further away from each other, or happily crazed, everyone will be grateful for the freedom we will have when this is all over. Each and every one of us has dealt with this pandemic in different ways, so it will probably be the same after the pandemic. Thanks for taking the time to read this article and have an awesome summer!!!!!!!!!