30 Things To Do During Quarantine

30 Things To Do During Quarantine


Abril Marrero, Staff

We have been having a some tough months with the coronavirus and at this point you may be really bored, well I know I am, so why not give you some ideas of what to do during this quarantine.

  1. FaceTime a friend; it might just make you feel close while staying at home.
  2. Cook something; it is nice to learn new skills.
  3. Bake; it is pretty much the quarantine thing to do cough* banana bread *cough
  4. Binge-watch a show; there is never going wrong with that one. 
  5. Do a puzzle; it is the kind of thing to do now that we are inside.
  6. Start a quarantine journal; it could be a fun thing to look back to.
  7. Learn how to play an instrument; now it is the time to watch those classes on youtube of how to play the ukulele.
  8. Do something you were too busy to do; you kind of have a lot of time in hand so there is no excuse anymore.
  9. Learn a new language; maybe this is the time to try another language other than Spanish.
  10. Work on your handwriting; it doesn’t hurt to practice getting better at it.
  11. Skincare; okay maybe this is more for the girls but it is the perfect time to create a skincare routine.
  12. Write a novel or short story; maybe don’t write a 500-page book but try writing a story that is truly yours.
  13. Reorganize; I think your mom may actually be happy with this one 
  14. Read a book; there is one for everyone
  15. Try Tik Tok; I mean, its fun so maybe give it a try.
  16. Try origami; you would be surprised at how accomplished you can feel after finishing a paper crane
  17. Exercise; just try to keep active.
  18. Try something new; it could be a new food or show or whatever you have been wanting to try out.
  19. Take a virtual trip; there is so many of these that are quite interesting 
  20. Listen to a podcast; they are always fun to listen to, like a youtube video with just the sound
  21. Get a new hobby; maybe this is the time to find something you are passionate about.
  22. Try a new look; don’t do anything crazy, just try new outfit combinations or hairstyles
  23. Paint/draw; all the quarantine worries can become less stressful with a simple painting.
  24. Sleep in; I’m sure all the non-morning person already tried this one out since they heard of no school.
  25. Do movie nights; no cinema? No problem, your family, popcorn, and a good movie are all you need.
  26. Call someone different every day; it is nice to know how everyone in your contacts is feeling, well those you care to know about. 
  27. Learn how to do yoga/meditation; this may be obvious but soooo relaxing.
  28. Teach your dog a new trick; they get to have you next to them 24/7 now, why not make the time worth it?
  29. Tie-dye; we have all seen this trend on youtube, so why not try it out? (preferably do it in your yard)
  30. Spend time with a family member/get to know them; we are always so busy we barely have time to get to know the people we live with, why not try now?


And most importantly, stay home and be safe.