Peoples Opinions on Homeschool

Tyler Maestas and Tatum Hartley, Staff Writer

A lot of people have their own opinions on home school. We have asked a majority of people certain things about homeschooling and what their opinions are. A seventh grader Maggie Malony says that she would rather do schoolwork at home than school because she can wake up and do her work whenever she wants and take breaks. Most of the people we have asked feel like they are not learning during social distance learning. We feel this is true too. It’s hard to understand what the teacher is looking for when they just send us off to do our work. We think that kids now have an appreciation for school because they want to get back to their normal lives and see their friends.

A seventh grader Jackson Thomas says that when we go back to school in the fall he thinks that it will be hard to get back into the normal routine and, we should do school half online and half in school. We also agree with this because we like the routine that we’re in right now and it will be hard for us to transition. Most of the people we have asked said they are independent workers and don’t like a school schedule. Kids that need more structure are probably having a harder time keeping up with distance learning.

There are many opinions on home school, some love home school and others hate it. If people love home school they are most likely to be individual worker because they like to finish their work by themselves, so they can finish faster. People who dislike home school like to work in bigger groups because they might not like to get stuff done and procrastinate. In conclusion, everyone has their own opinion and they all have different ways of working.