The Fine Lining To The Corona Virus


Katie Kraemer

Katie Kraemer, Staff


          As we all know, the Coronavirus has caused the United States to issue an at-home order for all. This means no school, almost all businesses closing, only leaving the house for essential needs, and much more. Despite these upsetting aspects, are there any positives to this pandemic? Can we find a silver lining? The answer is yes.

          One beneficial feature of quarantine is having time to complete tasks that you were avoiding before, when life was what we knew to be normal. These tasks may include cleaning and organizing certain areas. With all this free time, you have the ability to do so. Fix or arrange whatever was bugging you before. Another silver lining to quarantine is spending more time with your family. You guys can watch movies, play board games, etc. These are some activities that you may not have found the time for before. Lastly, you can spend more time focusing on things you love. Whether it is a sport, reading, writing, or anything else. Whatever it is. This is the opportunity to practice it and make yourself content during this tough period. Fulfill your hobbies. Overall, this CoronaVirus is a horrible and depressing thing. But we can do our best to make it somewhat heart wrenching.Take advantage of this time. But more importantly, stay safe and healthy.