Dressing Out: Good Or Bad?


Leila Schneider, Staff

The students of Degeno have been dressing out for more than a month, but how do they feel about it? Some students have said it is fine and better than they would have thought, but others don’t like it. What do you think? Three Degeno students were interviewed about their feelings about dressing out. Bella Bazzel said that at first, she was scared and nervous. Elle Cannis and Hannah Gordon stated that they thought it would be awkward and bad. What do you think about the P.E. clothes and their quality. Bella stated, “They are too big!” Elle Cannis agrees with her and said that they are cotton, that shows sweat, and are way too big. Hannah Thinks that they are bad but she would rather wear them than her clothes that she wears for other classes. The final question asked was do you like dressing out? Here are the responses. “It’s not fun but not a problem.” “Still not the best but it’s better than I thought.” “I think it’s fine and it teaches us some independence.” That is what those three girls thought but what do you think?