Debate: Squid Games: Okay for Middle School Students?

Ireland Moore and Charlee Waite

Squid Games: Okay for Middle School Students?

By Ireland Moore and Charlee Waite


For Squid Games for students at DNO: Charlee Waite (CW)

Against Squid Games for students at DNO: Ireland Moore (IM)


“No. Absolutely not. No way. To START it is extremely violent. And that’s not even scratching the surface.”-IM

“Yes. I think it is appropriate for mature middle school students. It’s not nearly as bad as some of the other popular shows and videos that kids are exposed to.” -CW

“That’s one of the worst things about it! It encourages kids to watch things that are even more inappropriate because they think they can handle it.”-IM


“It’s extremely unrealistic, and I think that the minors who watch it realize that. The scenes are graphic, but kids who are watching it should have expected that because there are warnings for what the show contains.”-CW


“The scenario is unrealistic, but the violence IS realistic. Kids can have nightmares and can become overwhelmed and stressed because of these violence scenes.”-IM


“If the kid’s caretakers are worried about things like that, then they should be monitoring what their kids are watching. Netflix, and The Squid Games producers are not responsible for who watches it, the person who watches it themselves is.” -CW


“Exactly! So they can stop them from watching things like Squid Games!”-IM


“The same thing goes for letting them watch it, if the parents see it and give permission, then it should be fine after the parents approve.”-CW


“Then that’s the parents decision. We are here to discuss if we think it is the right decision to make for their kids.”-IM


“Different households have different rules, and it really depends on who is watching it in what context.”-CW

“Yes, but we are not here to discuss what parents are choosing to do. We are here to discuss whether we think what they chose is the right thing to do.”-IM


Who do YOU think won the debate?


Do YOU think that Squid Games is okay for Middle School Students to watch?

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